Green es el único tema propio conocido de Wreckage, que fue grabado en en la habitación de Freddie en octubre de 1969.

  • Mike Bersin: Guitarra, coros
  • John "Tupp" Taylor: Bajo, coros
  • Richard Thompson: Batería

Duración: 3:15

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Then she started changing me
My enemy wasn't inside of me
Tomorrow, I'm going to see
The last of the blue skies around me

And I'm ready
And I'm going away
There's nothing you can do to stop me
Much of a life is up ahead
I'm going to start again
Leave the world screaming behind now

I believe my time has come
Any moment
I'll be drifting through the sun
And I'm waiting for the tide to turn me on
To the flower that is bettering me on

And I'm ready
I know I'm going away
Nothing you can do to stop me
Myself a license in your hands
I'm going again
Nothing but words spinning me on now

Turning green
Rapidly changing to a place I've never seen
Turning green
Contaminated soul breathing fire from a boy

Turning green
The soles of my feet are turning green because I'm
I'm losing sense of rhythm
Losing sense of rhythm
And I can easily change into a brand new system

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Wreckage - Green

Wreckage - Green