In Only Seven Days (En Solo Siete Días) es la octava pista del álbum Jazz. Fue compuesta por John Deacon y es una de las cuatro baladas que se presentan en este disco, junto a Jealousy, Dreamer's Ball y Leaving Home Ain't Easy. Es el lado B de Don't Stop Me Now, y de Mustapha en un sencillo de Yugoslavia.

La letra habla de un romance fugaz, de sólo siete días de duración ocurrido en las vacaciones de verano. Este tema se incluyó en un compilado no oficial llamado Golden Ballads.

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Duración: 2:27

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Monday the start of my holiday
Freedom for just one week
Feels good to get away oooh

Tuesday I saw her down on the beach
I stood and watched a while
And she looked and smiled at me

Wednesday I didn't see her
I hoped that she'd be back tomorrow
And then on Thursday
My luck had changed
She stood there all alone
I went and asked her name
I never thought that this could happen to me
In only seven days
It would take a hundred or more
For memories to fade

I wish Friday would last for ever
I held her close to me
I couldn't bear to leave her there

Saturday just twenty four hours
Oh no I'm going back home on Sunday

Oooh so sad alone

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Queen - In Only Seven Days (Official Lyric Video)

Queen - In Only Seven Days (Official Lyric Video)



In Only Seven Days (Español/Inglés)